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Thomas Adams is the Chief Brand Officer of Build Ur Buzz and CitiLyfe News. Build Ur Buzz, established in 2010, and is the go-to place for Artists seeking smart solutions, guidance or help with building a brand and promoting your brand to the public.

Thomas is known for out-of-the-box thinking and his lean but high-impact results-oriented approach. Collaborating with a network of experienced associates who are best in class across the country, and utilizing a full arsenal of tools – time-tested traditional as well as the latest digital ones, his company delivers excellence seamlessly for projects big and small. As an Entertainment industry veteran, he is responsible for branding and marketing for artist and labels dating back to 1995, GrooveKidz, Hundit Pounz, and his own properties WSCT Worldwide Radio and WSCT Media..

He is a respected expert in Web Design and Internet Marketing, with both breadth and depth of knowledge encompassing Music, distribution, marketing and promotion. As Co-Founder of WSCT Worldwide an internet radio station with sponsors like BP oil and Georgia Oil; He uses his expertise in banding, marketing and web design to propel his station to the #1 urban radio station on the internet. His tireless promotion of WSCT spring boarded him to Create Build Ur Buzz and Citi Lyfe News with long time partner Ron Doe Williams.

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